What equipment do I need when starting golf?

When starting golf it can be difficult to work out what equipment you need. It can also be a very expensive hobby to take up. Here are a few pointers on what to buy and where to buy equipment for starting golf.
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For others, it’s a serious hobby or even a profession. But for anyone who has yet to experience this great game, here are some things you’ll need when starting golf. First and foremost you’ll need some golf clubs, a bag to carry them, and some tees and balls! If you’re really hooked you might want to look out for these extras like a golf trolley, a glove, a ball marker and a pitch repairer.

There is a lot of information out there about the benefits of playing golf. It’s said that it can do everything from help you lose weight to give you more confidence. But what equipment do I need? Golfing clubs, balls and tees are important but if you want to take your game up a notch or two then there are some other things worth investing in as well. A golf trolley will be useful if you plan on carrying your bag over long distances. A glove might not seem necessary but it does improve your grip on the clubs, and when you’re starting every little helps!

Golf Clubs - advice for people starting golf

If possible, try to find some used clubs before buying new ones. A few swings with someone else’s club will tell you if they suit your swing or not without putting too much of a dent in your wallet. Golf clubs can be an expensive buy so if you have friends who play, consider borrowing some to either play a round or have some lessons with a club pro. Just to see if you like the game and you want to make the investment. Most clubs will have a club pro who will help and assist with helping you get your setup right.

Picking a golf club is a more personalized decision than some might realize. For many newcomers to the game, it’s a matter of finding a set that seems to have the best features for the price. But before you purchase your new set it’s important to consider some factors.

Grip type – There are two basic types of grips available on clubs: traditional and oversize. Traditional grip is more typical for women and children, while an oversize grip is typically preferred by golfers with larger hands.

Head type – Most wood clubs feature one of three head types: hollow-head (most typical), muscle-back and solid-head (least typical). The main thing you need to think about with the head type of your club is whether it will give you more power and accuracy.

Club length – Club length, measured from hosel (the socket of a golf club head which the shaft fits into) to top edge, can be a matter of personal preference with a rather limited range of options. Most adult clubs are between 45 and 46 inches in length, but that may or may not be long enough for you. For this reason, it’s important to try clubs out before buying them.

Golf clubs

Golf Balls - Hard or Soft?

I’ll be honest, if you’re starting off, it’s likely you’ll lose a lot of golf balls. So don’t go all-in on those expensive Pro V’s just yet.

Soft golf balls are perfect for beginners because they have a lower compression rating. These softer balls will be able to compress more than a harder-compressing hard or core type of ball which is better if you’re just starting out and learning how shots workaround greens!

New balls are typically priced at about £17 – £50 per dozen, so you can see there is quite a range between top and bottom. As a beginner, it’s important to find balls that are durable and consistent. After all, you want something you can hit straight!

Take your time shopping around and try to find a ball that feels good and offers value for money. If you can pick up some cheap used balls in the club shop, give them a try until you’re confident you can stay out of the rough!

Golf Bag - What to buy when starting golf

A golf bag is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer, allowing you to carry all the clubs you’ll use during play so you don’t have to leave them behind in your vehicle or cart.

For golf beginners, buying a bag can be an intimidating experience because bags come in so many shapes and sizes with all kinds of pockets for storage and features like insulated compartments for keeping drinks cold on the course.

To make it easy, start by picking out what size bag you want to use. While smaller bags are lighter and easier to carry, they don’t provide the storage capacity that larger bags do. There are three main types of golf bags, stand bags, pencil bags and cart bags.

Consider who will be using the golf bag before you purchase it because if it’s for someone younger or somebody with a small frame, then you are probably going to want to look at smaller ‘pencil’ golf bags. If you’re buying for yourself or an adult golfer, then a larger golf bag such as the stand bag or cart bag is probably going to be the right choice for you.

Pockets come in various sizes too, so take your time and measure out where all of your items will go before buying a new golf bag. That way you don’t have to deal with unused pockets that just add weight to the bag! Some bags even come with cooler pockets so you can store drinks and keep them cool.

Also, consider the environment you’ll be playing in, bags can be waterproof. For example, if it is wet and windy and you plan on staying out for a few hours, having waterproof items will be important.

Golf Trolley - Electric or Push?

You’re going to be tired after a few holes – trust us. However, if you’re determined not to use a golf trolley then there are two other options that will make the walk from shot to shot much easier. The first is using a push trolley which is cheaper but less convenient and harder to travel with, in your boot when not in use. There have big leaps forward in technology with electric golf trolleys recently and it’s a growing market. You can find some reviews of electric golf trolleys here on our website.

If your choice is driven by budget, you can buy a cheap push trolley from around £60/£70 which will certainly do the job. Electric golf trolleys start from around £300 and can cost upwards of £1,000 depending on the features and battery included.


Golf Glove - Do I need one?

If you’re new to golf, there are many benefits to wearing a golf glove. They are designed to help protect your hands from blisters and calluses that can occur from gripping the club, and also helps you get a better grip on the club.

Golf gloves come in different designs such as leather, mesh (more breathable), and synthetic (generally cheapest). Whatever style you choose, make sure it’s fitted for your hand size because these gloves tend to stretch out over time.

When trying the glove on, make sure it’s as tight as possible without being uncomfortable. It needs to feel like a second skin rather than a loose fit.

Golf Accessories - What else should I buy?

If you’re taking up golf your loved ones will no longer be stuck for things to buy you at Christmas and on Birthdays. From tees to pitch mark repairers, you’ve got a whole plethora of golf accessories that can be added to your golf gear.

You can read a recent article here on some great golf trolley accessories you can buy. Featuring drinks holder and heated mittens to keep your hands warm on a cold winters day.  You pretty much can get anything to improve your comfort during a round of golf.

As for the essentials you’ll probably need when starting…

A ball marker would be really useful.  You can mark your ball with a sharpie before you start your round.  If you’re new and hitting down the wrong fairway or ending up in the trees you need to be able to identify your golf ball easily.

Tees, from environmentally friendly bamboo tees to brightly coloured plastic tees. You’ll need a bag of tees to keep in your bag for teeing off.

Not to be confused with a ‘ball marker’ you’ll need a ball marker.  These are small discs that you place on the green to mark where you ball is.  Golf is all about etiquette and the person furthest away from the hole usually has to play first.  So if you’re nearest the pin, it’s likely you’ll need to mark your ball and pick it up.

If you’ve hit a really good shot and managed to get your ball nicely on the green, you may need a pitch mark repairer. These are used when your ball has landed on the soft mown grass area and created a hole or ‘pitch mark’ (see below).

Using this tool you can stay on the greenkeepers good side by helping to keep the course in A1 condition. Just push the pitch repairer into the side of the hole and push up to raise the level of grass back up, and then step on the area to make sure the green is level.

I hope you found the article helpful! If so, please share it with your golf buddies to help them get started. 

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