Golfer CBD Gummies

We were kindly sent a trial pack of 5 Golfers CBD gummies by the kind people at Golfers CBD. The gummies can also be taken after your round or before bed to aid restful sleep for faster recovery.
Golfers CBD Gummies

The first thing to disclose in the review is that I didn’t actually use the trial pack of Golfers CBD gummies on my golf round as I’d promised. A family member had called me over the weekend and had had a very stressful weekend. They were really stressed out and worried that they wouldn’t get a decent nights sleep. I immediately reached for the packet of gummies and asked if they would like to try them. I was surprised to hear them say that they would give it a go.

The following day I rang them to check how they’d got on, and they said they’d had an excellent nights sleep. So chalk one victory up for the Golfers CBD.

I knew they stocked the Golfers CBD gummies in the pro shop at my golf club, so I decided to buy some before my next round. I opted for the bag with 10 gummies in which was priced at £6.99. The instructions said to take some of the gummies before the round. So my playing partner and I took 2 each. It was only about 30 minutes before the round began, so we weren’t expecting results straight away.

I asked the Club Pro if he had ever tried them. He said he hadn’t, but the person who’d recently won the Captains Day Competition had used them on the day.

For full disclosure, I’m still pretty new to playing golf and have severe consistency problems. One minute I’m striking the ball really clean and getting pars. The next minute I’m in the trees hacking the ball out and just happy to not reach double figures.
I’ve really enjoyed playing golf, and I’m fortunate to be a member of a club where I’ve been given a lot of help and advice from fellow members.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most confident of people, but I also wouldn’t say I suffer from any form of anxiety. I’ve played a variety of sports throughout my life and enjoy playing and watching golf, cricket, football and tennis. I haven’t found a sport I don’t like yet.

I played a round with a couple of lads who are on really low handicaps a few weeks ago. They made the game look easy. They were also accommodating and supportive. I had been having a nightmare for 3 or 4 holes and just couldn’t find my rhythm. For the first time since I’d started playing golf, I just started to think, ‘What am I doing here?’

I just couldn’t understand what I was doing or why I had taken up golf. It was such a weird feeling, and like I said, the other lads were really supportive and could see I required a sympathetic word. I managed to pull things back by the end of the round, but it planted the first seeds of doubt in my mind about me and golf.

So... the round with the Golfers CBD gummies ( the significant bit)

Well, to set the scene, it was an absolutely glorious evening. I was playing with my usual playing partner and two other lads. One was roughly the same handicap as me; the other played of 12. I hadn’t played in a couple of weeks because I’d been on holiday and been having terrible problems with my back.

The taste of the Golfers CBD gummies isn’t the greatest, but obviously, that isn’t what they are designed for. I’m diabetic and was hoping there wouldn’t be too much sugar in there. They were decent sugar wise, less than 100g of carbs per serving. More importantly, during the round, the gummies didn’t affect my blood sugar in any way.

The round was precisely the same as the ones I’ve played before. An extreme mix of good and bad but thoroughly enjoyable. I didn’t have any confidence wobbles throughout the round as I’d had previously, even when I was playing badly.

Two hours into the round, about two and a half hours after taking the Golfers CBD gummies, I hit some magnificent shots. It’s not like I’ve not hit good shots before. The shots also felt really clean and remarkably went precisely where I’d aimed them. It was at this point that I decided to have some more.

At this point, I asked my playing partner if he wanted anymore, and we both took two more each. The round carried on, and I would say that my putting got significantly better. My irons, when I struck them well, was as good as I’ve played before. I must admit that I still found the trees on some holes and had as many bad as good. However, I would definitely say I felt much more relaxed and enjoyed the round.

I’d definitely use the product again, and it helps that the product is stocked in the Club Shop where I play. What I’d probably do next time is take a few a couple of hours before I’m due to play rather than just before. My dodgy back also felt much better the day after, for this benefit alone it’s worth trying them again.

I’m a graphic designer, and the packing and branding looked great, and the Golfers CBD social media accounts are well worth a follow. In addition, they often seem to offer trial bags on Twitter, so if you’re looking to give the Golfers CBD gummies a try, keep an eye on their @golferscbd Twitter account.

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